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Newsletter – 15th September 2017

PGL Trip

Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a fantastic trip to PGL at Osmington Bay, Dorset this week. They took part in a whole range of outdoor activities and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We look forward to welcoming Hornbeam parents to our first sharing assembly next Friday at 9am when the children will recount some of their adventures. The following week will be Sycamore’s turn.

Morning drop off

Please could parents and children wait on the playground until 8.45am when the teacher on duty sends children to their classes. Unfortunately we have had some silly behaviour around the paths in the mornings and therefore we ask that children are where they can be supervised.

Parent Curriculum Sessions

Over the past two years we have run some well received parent curriculum sessions. Please let us know what topics you would be interested in and we will endeavour to cover these. It would also be useful to know what time/day suits parents best. Please email suggestions to and we will add this to our calendar this term

Calendar of Events – Autumn Term 2017

Please find a list of our events for the Autumn at the end of the newsletter. This information is also on our website.

Air Ambulance

It was lovely to see the children wearing red and yellow today. Thank you for all your donations, so far we have raised £140 for Herts & Essex Air Ambulance. Thank you to everyone who contributed and for those who missed out there are still badges available from the Office for a £1 donation.

“Jigsaw” Behaviour Award – Making our school community a better place

Congratulations to the following children who were recognised by their peers for displaying this behaviour and nominated by their teacher to receive the award:

Elm – Delilah
Fir – Trudie
Acer – Vedant
Pine – William
Birch – Oliver
Cedar – Ava
Hazel – Laria

Star of the Week

Our Stars of the week who have demonstrated a growth mindset this week are:

Elm – Charlie
Fir – Ted
Acer – Hannah
Pine – Jamie
Birch – Harvey
Cedar – Yasmine
Hazel – Aiden

Writer of the Week

In Elm class last week we were looking at recounts. The children worked with their learning partners to describe their favourite memories from their summer holidays. They then had a go at writing a recount about their summer. Below is Kiki’s recount; she has added in detail and thought carefully about using a variety of sentence openers to make her writing interesting. Well done Kiki…

The first thing I did in my summer holiday was go to Devon. In Devon I had a swimming pool of my own. I went swimming every day. My cousins live in Devon and on the first day we went to the beach. On the beach I went rock pooling, we found an eel, fish and some crabs. Next we went to my cousin’s house for a BBQ. It was yummy! Then on Thursday we went horse riding. My horse was called Cracker, I loved it! On Saturday we went home. A few days later we had to go back to Devon for a party at my cousins house. For dinner I had a sausage, chicken and a burger. A week later we went to Ibiza, we went to the pool every day and we went on the high ropes, I got to the highest rope, it was fun!

By Kiki

The other class writers of the week are:

Elm – Kiki
Fir – Hollie
Acer – Lottie
Pine – Charlie
Birch – Daniel
Cedar – Lisa-Marie
Hazel – Evie

Recommended Read of the Week – The Finger Eater, Dick King-Smith

This well written book tells the story of a little girl called Gudrun who encounters an evil troll who likes nothing better than munching on small children’s fingers! Gudrun sets about putting a stop to his evil ways. You will have to read the book to find out exactly what she does.

I first read this book a few years ago to my class when we were studying mythical creatures. We really enjoyed the troll’s mischievous humour and cunning tricks. We had good fun discussing what we might do if we ever met the Finger-Eater!

By Miss Lunt

Cup Winners

The cup winners this week are The Eagles.

Herts Catering

Herts catering are having an Open Day on Monday 18 September from 9.30am to 3pm at St Albans Fire Station, 153 London Road, St Albans, AL1 1TQ. If you are interested in building a career in catering or earning extra money please pop along to see them and have an informal chat.







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