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Newsletter – 2 March 2018

HMI Visit


Fiona Webb, HMI, visited the school on Tuesday to carry out a monitoring inspection. It was a very positive day and the children behaved beautifully. We will receive feedback in 2 or 3 weeks, which we will share with parents.

Parent Maths Workshop


It was lovely to see so many parents join our Year 5 and Year 6 teachers on Thursday morning for the parent maths workshop. We hope you went away feeling re-assured with the new methods. For those parents who weren’t able to make it, please see your child’s class teacher if you require any further support. The parent booklet will be on the website if you don’t already have a copy



Year 4 Knex Challenge


Year 4 enjoyed a full day of design and technology participating in a Knex challenge in school. The children were grouped into teams and tasked with constructing a crane. Well done to our winners, Isabella and Corey in Pine and Margarita and Lara in Acer.




Year 6 Maya Workshop


On Wednesday 28 February, the children in Year 6 took part in a Maya Workshop. They were totally absorbed and enjoyed dressing up, using instruments and playing the music of that time. The children learnt how to play a game called Pok-a-Tok where the losing team would be sacrificed to the Gods!! The workshop brought the Mayan topic learning together and the additional facts learned during the morning were translated into some fantastic detailed Sun God Artwork.





Football Reports


A Team


On 26 February RJS faced Manland in an intense game of football. We started off well, taking many shots at their keeper. Shortly after the start of the game on the snowy pitch Jacob made the most of a scramble in the box to score past the keeper into the net. 1-0


For the rest of the first half we were dominating and had most of the possession. The second half started off badly when we gave away a PENALTY. The penalty wasn’t well-taken and was stopped by our keeper Alex.


It had stopped snowing and we still winning and were determined ti hold onto it. The second half was balanced and there weren’t many chances for either team. The game ended 1-0 to us concluding our first win of the season.


Thank you to Manland for organising the match and Mr Harrison for being our inspirational leader


The team was Alex, George, Dan, Tommy, Dylan, Harry, Jacob, Joel and Nixon


By George & Alex


B Team


On 26 February 2018 RJS faced Manland Primary. We walked onto the pitch nearly freezing to death as we have to watch the A team play their game in the snow.


We were feeling confident as we had won our last match and let our streak of possession end after 5 minutes as we lost the ball to a Manland player. They made a dangerous break towards our goal and made a sneaky pass to catch Nicky off guard.


In the second half we made a short break as Luke passed the ball through three Manland players to get the ball to Seb who did a one two with Zach to get through their defence and passed it back to Seb who took a great shot but the keeper fortunately for them saved it.


In the closing minutes we had a corner and missed a goal by inches and with seconds to spare Luke made an awesome break through their midfield and was just about to shoot for goal when the full time whistle blew.


Thank you Mr Harrison for being the world’s best coach and for Manland for the biscuits and the match.


The team was Zac, Zach, Hudson, Nicky, Rory, Seb and Oscar.


By Oscar





Jigsaw” Behaviour Award – Being fit and healthy


Congratulations to the following children who were recognised by their peers for displaying this behaviour and nominated by their teacher to receive the award:


Elm – Tyler

Fir – Olly A

Acer – Riley W

Pine – Lily

Birch – Katie T

Cedar – Ava

Hazel – Taylor

Hornbeam – Mia

Sycamore – Dylan



Star of the Week


Our Stars of the week who have demonstrated a “Growth Mindset” this week are:


Elm – Luca

Fir – Bertie

Acer – Lottie

Pine – Olivia

Birch – Evan

Cedar – Luca

Hazel – Laria

Hornbeam – Rory

Sycamore – Heidi




Writer of the Week


In Hazel Class we have been exploring different types of explanation texts, thinking about their features and how they are presented. The children were asked to think about how they would write their own explanation text based on a flying machine. Below is part of Evie’s piece of writing that she wrote about her flying machine. She worked hard to produce a good explanation text using all the essentials for writing to help her. Well done Evie!


Are you starting to get bored of walking to school? Have you started to wonder if flying could be a [possibility? If so, you’re in luck! The newest edition of the Fly Ride 3000 has been released in the UK and is set to be the most efficient contraption yet. This exciting new release has the most unimaginable features, flying above and beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks to EF and Co. you can now soar like a bird, fly like an angel and zoom like a rocket. Want to know how it works? Let me tell you.


How your Fly Ride 3000 works


Firstly, to activate the engine of your machine, push the bright red button; this is located on the left-hand side of the backpack. After that, a seat will soon arise from the top of your backpack and will unfold ahead of it. Now it will be safe enough for you to jump onto your seat and begin to take off. Following that, now press the circular button (located at the top of your steering stick) which will allow your machine to go into take-off mode. Be prepared for your Fly Ride 3000 to soon slowly lift-off the ground and take off into the sky. When you have finally finished chasing the clouds, press the square button which will land your machine safely and smoothly. Once you have landed, you will have approximately 10 seconds to leave your machine before it turns back into a backpack.


By Evie


All class writers of the week are:


Elm – Joseph

Fir – Hollie

Acer – Matilda

Pine – Faye

Birch – Dan H

Cedar – Darcy

Hazel – Evie

Hornbeam – Amy P

Sycamore – Luc



Recommended Read of the Week – The Fox Busters by Dick King-Smith recommended by Mr Harrison


Dick King-Smith was one of my favourite authors growing up. This cleverly written book portrays the age old struggle between foxes and chickens with a twist. The farmyard setting and animal characters are masterfully described in this humorous and engaging tale.


The fox busters are three extraordinary chickens, whose attributes allow them to attempt to fight back against the foxes, their enemies, who have hatched a murderous plan of their own. The chickens have discovered an ingenious way to use their eggs as weapons. Suspenseful, engrossing, and entirely believable, the story is an ideal read-aloud, with something of interest for all ages. 





Cup Winners


The cup winners this week are The Owls.  













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