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Year 5

Weekly Update of w/e 17th November 2017

This week the children have written some brilliant independent stories based on an underwater stimulus. They worked hard to incorporate all the techniques and ambitious vocabulary that we have learnt during this term to produce some engaging stories. They then worked hard to edit and improve sections of their stories to ensure the quality remained consistent. In maths, the children tackled equal difference and are really starting to impress us with their grasp of mental strategies. In Science, we came up with some wacky, unsuitable objects to explore materials and their properties – ranging from chocolate teapots to jelly shoes!

Next week ….


We will be looking at slow writing. The children will explore different grammatical techniques and really focus on making their writing effective, a sentence at a time. This approach will slow the children down and our focus will be on quality, not quantity!


In maths, we will be starting to look at formal written methods of multiplication – starting with short multiplication:  

Science and Topic

In Science, we will continue our work on properties of materials. We will be investigating thermal conductors and insulators. In topic, we will be finding out about the battle of Marathon.

Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

Maths Home work to be completed on times tables rockstars. The times tables we will be looking at next week are 8s and 9s

English – Red book, P28a, b and c on pages 61 and 62

Reading – Children must read to an adult three times each week in order to move up the reading ladder.

Spellings – The word walls will go home on Monday night and children must complete their four sentences ready to be bought back in on the Tuesday. These must be completed in order for the children to complete related activities throughout the week.


Children are to watch the following clip and find out about the Battle of Marathon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geR3BrcWSt0


Birch: Wednesday and Thursday

Cedar: Wednesday and Thursday

Hazel: Tuesday and Wednesday

Please ensure your child has their PE kit with them all week.



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