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Year 5

Weekly Update of w/e 29th June 2018

It has been a lovely week, with the children’s enthusiasm matching the glorious weather we have been having. They have enjoyed finishing their descriptive writing, making excellent use of carefully chosen vocabulary when creating atmosphere in their work. In maths, the children have persevered with fractions, decimals and percentages and applied their understanding effectively when solving problems. They have explored symbolism in Tudor portraits and begun to create their own.

Next week ….


Next week, we will be starting a new topic on non-chronological reports. To link in with our Science topic on animals including humans we will be focusing our reports on engendered animals. This week will be getting creative, the children will be working in groups to raise awareness about endangered animals of their choice. They will be creating graffiti style posters, writing and performing persuasive jingles and creating a pitch to showcase what they have learnt.


Next week, we will be reading timetables and calculating time. The children will begin by recapping what they learnt in year four and converting between digital and analogue time. They will then look at interpreting timetables and calculating missing information.

Topic and Science

Next week in science, we will be comparing the gestation periods of different animals. The children will find out about how animals are classified and then research different gestation periods. They will be trying to find out if there is a link between the type of animal, its features, and the length of gestation. In Topic we will start our own Tudor portrait masterpieces.


It would be useful for children to recap telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks. There are lots of opportunities for discussing time with your children – can they tell you what time dinner is or how long they have until bed time? The following online games may also be good practice:




Maths – my maths on volume and capacity

English Workbook – research endangered animals of the British Isles and how we can help them.

Reading – Children must read to an adult three times each week in order to move up the reading ladder.

Spellings – The word walls will go home on Monday night and children must complete their four sentences ready to be bought back in on the Tuesday. These must be completed in order for the children to complete related activities throughout the week.

Birch: Monday and Thursday

Cedar: Monday and Thursday

Hazel: Tuesday and Monday



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