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Year 5

Weekly Update of w/e 16th March 2018

The children have had a really exciting week. They have explored techniques involved in writing instruction texts, inspired by our moon buggy DT project. In maths, the children have continued the unit on area, including working out the area of compound shapes. This week has been a science extravaganza with a variety of science activities including an upper KS2 carousel on Thursday afternoon and a biscuit dunking investigation. Our trip to the Space Museum on Wednesday was a great way of pulling together our ‘Space’ themed Topic learning and Science work. The children were brilliant ambassadors for the school and their behaviour was excellent.  As if Hazel Class weren’t already busy, on Thursday morning they did an excellent sharing assembly with a speed of light race through their Space topic for this term. On Friday morning, we enjoyed watching a pantomime – Oliver Twist – as a special treat.


Next week ….


Next week, we will be focusing on grammar. The children will (hopefully) become secure in using parenthesis and we will also explore using different types of adverbials.


In maths next week, we will be looking at percentages, including understanding that per cent means parts per hundred, expressing percentages as fractions and decimals, and developing strategies to calculate percentages.

Science and Topic

In science next week we will be writing letters to Peter Kay to evaluate his claim that ‘Hobnobs are the best biscuits for dunking.’ We will be using evidence from our scientific enquiries this week to prove or disprove this hypothesis. In topic lessons, the children will continue their work on North America, looking at the geographical features of the region.


We would like the children to find out about a famous North American landmark (this can be natural or man-made). Think about where it is located, how it was formed and any interesting facts about it. Children will need to be prepared to discuss these in Topic next week.

Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

Maths The homework this week will be on My Maths, consolidating their knowledge of area.

English – P18a,b,c using antonyms (opposites) on pages 46 and 47

Reading – Children must read to an adult three times each week in order to move up the reading ladder.

Spellings – The word walls will go home on Monday night and children must complete their four sentences ready to be bought back in on the Tuesday. These must be completed in order for the children to complete related activities throughout the week.


Birch: Monday and Thursday

Cedar: Monday and Thursday

Hazel: Tuesday and Monday



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