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Year 6

Weekly Update of w/e 16th March 2018

The children have had a great week this week.  They began STEM week by investigating which brand of biscuit is the best for dunking tea.  They also had great fun during our rotation afternoon, taking part in a number of practical investigations. On Friday, they enjoyed a performance of Oliver by M&M productions.  This was followed up with some drama workshops which allowed the children to hone their performance talents.   

Thank you to all those parents who donated items for our STEM week activities.  The children really enjoyed the investigations and learnt a lot from the week.

Next week ……


Next week, we will be looking at explanation texts.  We will be tying this in with Mayan Chocolate, looking at writing an explanation text on how chocolate is made.


In maths next week, we will be looking at calculating volume and converting units of measurement.  It would be helpful if the children could practice multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Topic (DT)

In Topic will be making our hot chocolate recipes, improving the original Maya recipe by adding our own ingredients.   


Could the children find out about how chocolate is made (from bean to bar). There are some video clips on You Tube that they could use to research this.


Homework (to be handed in on Wednesday)

Maths Set B Test 4

SPAG – Set B Spelling Test & Set C Test 1

Reading – Set B Test 3

SATS worksheets:  We have sent home sheets on time and time problems. We have also sent home a reading comprehension sheet for the children to complete.

Spellings – The word walls will go home on Monday night and children must complete their four sentences ready to be bought back in on the Tuesday. These must be completed in order for the children to complete related activities throughout the week.


Sycamore: Tuesday and Wednesday

Hornbeam: Tuesday and Friday


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