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Values Statement

At Redbourn Junior School we are proud to be a welcoming and friendly school that provides an exciting, enjoyable learning experience for our pupils. Within our school community everyone is entitled to be valued and treated with care and respect. We have high expectations of behaviour and academic achievement and are committed to providing a stimulating environment where children can develop into self-motivated, independent and confident learners and have fun!

Learning to Learn

At Redbourn Junior School we love learning and facing new challenges. We aim to have a “Growth Mindset” and believe that we can all improve. In order to succeed we need to have the following attributes:

  • Effort – To succeed we need to work hard. We need to concentrate and remain focused.
  • Perseverance – To succeed we need to keep going and never give up. We need to practise and have patience.
  • Determination – To succeed we must be motivated to do our best. We must be committed to our goals and have the confidence and courage to have a go.

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